Here in Bournemouth, we are spoilt with the choices we have for walks. Whether it's in the park, in the woods or at the beach, we can tailor a walk to suit different breeds, temperaments and energy levels of your dog(s). As experienced dog handlers, we have many experiences with all breeds of dogs, however 'energetic'.

Our dog walking service includes the following:

  • A Free consultation to discuss your doggie requirements!
  • Collection and safe return of your dog. (2 Mile radius of Kings Park.)
  • A fun and exciting walk!
  • Plenty of nice cold water to drink!
  • Proper disposal of dog poo!

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Part of our dog walking service includes a free initial consultation which will allow us to discuss the individual needs of your dog and any common problems it might have such as pulling on the lead, jumping at people or traffic, or acting aggressively toward other dogs whilst out walking. We will allow your dog off the lead only if we have written consent.

Call Sarah: 07790004903