• No booking is confirmed until a Happy Tails Service Agreement has been signed.
  • Fees must be paid for in advance. For Dog Boarding, 10% of fee must be paid in advance, at time of booking (This is a non-returnable booking fee). The outstanding balance is to be paid on the day of the Customers departure. For Dog Walking, all fees must be paid in advance, or on, the day of service.
  • At this present time Happy Tails can accept Cash or Cheque payments.
  • Cancellations can be accepted up to two weeks prior to when the Dog Boarding service is arranged. For Dog Walking, please try to allow at least 24 hours' notice, or as much time as possible, so that we can try to fit somebody else in your spot.
  • For the health and safety of all animals in our care, Happy Tails Customers MUST comply with the following terms. All dogs must be up to date with worm and flea treatments, and Happy Tails will need to see proof of vaccinations at the time of booking.
  • You agree that your Dog is up to date with the following vaccinations: DHPPI, KC and L. These cover Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvovirus, Kennel Cough and Leptospirosis.
  • You also agree that to the best of your knowledge your dog is in good health and any medical conditions are explained before we take custody. We reserve the right to refuse dog that we consider shows any signs of illness or injury.
  • Although Happy Tails endeavours to accommodate animals with special requirements, we may refuse any animal that is not suitable for our care. This may include unneutered Dogs, or Bitches in season or coming into season.
  • Happy Tails reserves the right to refuse, or cut short, dog walking during extreme weather.
  • The Customer agrees that their dog may be in contact with other carefully approved dogs in the care of Happy Tails.
  • If your dog bites or attacks another dog or human, you will have to make alternative arrangements for the care of your dog. If this is impossible we will book your dog into kennels to which you will be responsible for.
  • Happy Tails abides by the Local Land Laws, the Dangerous Dogs Act, and Dog Fouling Regulations.
  • Happy Tails will allow your dog off the lead only if we have written consent in the form of our Consent Agreement. This will be discussed at Happy Tails first meeting with the Customer.
  • If your dog becomes unwell whilst in our care, we will endeavour to take him to your own vet and if this is not possible, we will take him to our vets. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any injuries or illness. You agree to be responsible for any vets bills which may occur and must reimburse us in full for any costs we have paid. We also recommend your dog is insured prior to arriving.
  • Whilst we will take every precaution to fully care for and protect your dog we cannot be held responsible and will accept no liability for any illness, injury or the unlikely event of death during their stay.
  • Happy Tails is insured by a company called Cliverton, who specialise in insurance for pet and animal businesses. Our policy covers Public Liability, and Care, Custody and Control of animals in our care up to the value of 3,000,000. This covers accidental death, loss, or injury of animal due to our negligence. It is highly recommended that the Customer has their own insurance arranged for animals in the care of Happy Tails. Customers whose animals are accepted for Dog Walking and for Dog Boarding do so at their own risk.
  • For Dog Boarding, all food, bowls, bedding, and anything else that the pet may need whilst the Customer is absent, should be provided by the Customer. Any extra food that Happy Tails may need to purchase will be payable by the Customer on their return.
  • Dog Boarding Customers are advised to contact Happy Tails immediately if they are unable to return home on the date arranged. We reserve the right to re-home any animal left in our care 14 days beyond the agreed date on the Service Agreement.
  • Happy Tails is unable to refund Dog Boarding Customers who return home earlier than agreed on the Service Agreement.
  • If unforeseen circumstances arose which meant that Happy Tails were unable to fulfil their obligation to the Customer, the Customer will be contacted immediately. If the Customer is unavailable at the time, we will contact the Customers emergency contact. A refund would be issued, minus care/services already received.  Alternative suitable care would be arranged for the Customers dog(s). Any alternative care arranged would be at the Customers cost on their return.
  • Happy Tails reserves the right to change or amend any Terms or Conditions at any time.
  • The Customer has read and agreed to the above terms and conditions, and recognises that signing a Service Agreement confirms this.

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